What Took Place by Jesus


Jesus was the man which the Law was directed towards, or, which paid justice to the Law. He was the outcome of living by the Law, and He was the Son prophetized.


Jesus pointed out was was the overall meaning with the Law. He made clear what counts, being a human being, justified by God. He saw to it conscience arouse.

By the Law: Man answers to God.
By Jesus: Man answers to himself, by his conscience.


Jesus made the care and the message available to people outside Israel, by his influence, and by the apostles.


Jesus made the Girl holy, by his poetry, that is the parables, and by seeing to it man became a creative force, not answering commandments. People went from answering to the Law and the family to answering to conscience and people. Man could follow his dreams.


Jesus laid the foundation for economy and for social justice by court. By law and order man was put in position to work financially. Goods and services came to mean price.


Jesus laid the foundation for the prime idea of the four realities arising from dividing between ideal and material reality and subjective and objective reality. Jesus instituted the reality of the fourth muse.


Jesus left peace behind on the earth. By possessing all power, Jesus is in charge. And trust was established relying on the expectation people know how to behave by taking heed and taking care. The church was established, and Christian rule of peoples. Jesus gave us hope, dependent upon the sureness.


  • Be clean.
  • Be kind.
  • Be polite.
  • Be grateful.

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