Thank you

I am sorry I must ask for donations. Intentionally, I wanted to rely on formal Norwegian governmental aid to incapacitated and indisposed people. I have been such people for twenty years. These last years, though, I have spent all my reserves, which makes it diffucult for me to do so.

I tried to make the possibility for making donations by the service of PayPal, a while ago. That did not work. So, here I present an account of mine in my Norwegian bank.

For me to live decent, and to keep my apartment, I need money. Any donation will be affording me a decent living, by the ability to pay bills and buy necessities.

What is needed for transfer from abroad, I believe, is the following information:

Electronic IBAN account number: NO0552701084888
Paper format IBAN account number: NO05 5270 1084 888
My address is:
Anders Woje Ellingsen
Rådyrveien 25 B
7082 Kattem
Thank you.
This page was established September 11th the year of 2020, and was finished the day after.
  1. After aI took down the Trixnix portal a couple of days ago, by October 11th 2021 this page was transferred to the new site.
  2. The site was rewritten December 10th 2023.

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