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The street of the city
An overview

To know Sites
The walls are numbered, from 1 to 12, where 1-6 are Norwegian, and 7-12 are English. The address to the first gate is

The addresses x1 to x7 are sites on Trixnix, and those are which aI wish to make prominent.

In Norwegian, the sites aI wish to make prominent are given by the addresses y1 to y7.

The spring of 2022 Trixnix was reconstructed.

To enter Trixnix, you should pass through the walls. If you do not pass a gate in the walls with a smile on your face, Trixnix will not be welcoming.

Idea Vaccinius

The way it was

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The rivers on Trixnix are traces of music. The wells are to be found on my MuseScore and SoundCloud profiles.

The Gordian knot

The Gordian Knot

Posted on Flickr

The Gordian knot

Posted on Flickr

The Gordian knot

Posted on Flickr

The Gordian knot

Posted on Flickr

The Gordian knot - in a way

Ai am confident this knot pictured in the four photographs on this page is the so called Gordian knot. According to tradition, the one untying it will conquer Asia, the myth from Turkey in the times of Alexander the Great. Untying a knot is not the same as loosening it. And you see in the last of the four photographs how the knot is fit to tie a yoke to a pole. Ai discovered the knot in the afternoon of December the 12th 2019. And decided aI would publish it, straight away. So aI did, on Blogg Prixnix, that is my, in Norwegian. Thank, You, Lord. Ai believe it had some effect.

To satisfy your diverging curiosity, aI can tell you that little paper box shown in the photographs is a box of matches from the company in Norway making those, as the one and only, aI believe. The size of that box has never changed, aI believe, so traditionally, that box has been used in photographs to show width and length, as in photographs for scientific use and as in photographs for to be used as evidence in court.

The 12 Basic Stones of The Walls of the city