About Trixnix

Trixnix is intended to be the New Jerusalem. As such, Trixnix is meant to be a meeting place.

I started establishing Trixnix in September 2015, based on collections of poems I had earlier posted. The walls of Trixnix were the first thing aI made. On Trixnix there are a lot of poems, a lot of of songs and short compositions, and many expressions of wisdom and images showing fine art, all by me. Please see the "About me" page. The work I have done for the glory of Christ.

This particular site, being Trixnix.com, is the portal to the city. And on this site the twelve basic stones in the walls are presented. Those are translations of mine of twelve poems by one of the fathers of Norway.

To present this portal, my poetry, my continual blogs, and also some spots within Trixnix, I use Blogger, a company by Google. If not, aI have made the spots by Google Sites.

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