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The walls are numbered, from 1 to 12, where 1-6 are Norwegian, and 7-12 are English. The address to the first gate is

The addresses x1 to x7 are sites on Trixnix, and those are which aI wish to make prominent.

The spring of 2022 Trixnix was reconstructed.

To enter Trixnix, you should pass through the walls. If you do not pass a gate in the walls with a smile on your face, Trixnix will not be welcoming.

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The rivers are traces of music. The well, and the rivers, are to be found on


The walls 1 to 6 are in Norwegian and the walls 7 to 12 are in English.
The map shows how to go from there into the city.

Each portion of the walls has a basic stone, and those 12 basic stones together are the poems to be found on this site, that is on the portal of Trixnix. All 12 parts of the walls bear name of one of the sons of Jacob, that is, one of the tribes of Israel, and every basic stone bears the name of one of the disciples of Jesus, that is, one of the apostles.


The poems are basic stones in the walls of |: Trixnix :| as follows:

In Norwegian
No Portal
Sons Israel
Basic stone
1 Peter _ to Reuben Forward
2 Bartholomew _ to Simeon Yes - We Do Love Our Country
3 John _ to Levi Do Love Your Neighbour
4 James I _ to Judah I Give My Poem To The Spring
5 Philip_ to Issachar In A Difficult Situation
6 Matthias _ to Zebulun The Tree
In English
No Portal
Sons Israel
Basic stone
7 James II _ to Dan The First Encounter
8 Simon _ to Napthali A Psalm
9 Andrew _ to Gad Good Morning
10 Matthew _ to Asher I Will Cover My Land
11 Thomas _ to Joseph Praised Be The Moon
12 Thaddeus_ to Benjamin The Meaning Of The Book

The 12 Basic Stones of The Walls of the city