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"Praised be the moon"
A translation of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's
"Sang til månens pris"
Original: Here

Since lovely to the sun you sang
I have to praise the moon, –
though it was made not quite that strong,
by fools esteemed to croon.

But what would actions of the sun
turn to if not the night
encouraged earth and made it fun
to be, to be all right?

And often, those the sun by strength
unhappy made to faint,
the night, by patience of some length,
encouraged to be quaint.

No doubt the one bewildered
by day, the sun at ease,
relaxed being considered,
the moon affording peace,

transferred to power, safe and sound,
by voices changing roam,
as thoughts emerging clear and found
as values from his home.

And much of warmth and tenderness
which stifled to the sun
came forth by joy and blissfulness,
the moon affording fun.

Indeed, behind the bridal veil
the moon assured conceived
what in the sun was let prevail,
to discipline perceived.

Therefore the moon, you know, my friend,
is also quite all right.
What would the day be in the end
if not it had the night?

The thought, created by the sun,
this estimation keep!
If not to nothing it will run.
It grows to worth asleep.

Our fathers put as god the sun
together with the moon,
as groom and bride they heaven run
to let the living tune.

They sort the day by certitude
in business and in rest.
And that is why an elder good,
and also he, can test

his powers and his hallmark stamp
on fray, to set the seal.
As you do in your people’s camp.
You make a great ideal!

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