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The street of the city
An overview

To know Sites
The walls are numbered, from 1 to 12, where 1-6 are Norwegian, and 7-12 are English. The address to the first gate is

The addresses x1 to x7 are sites on Trixnix, and those are which aI wish to make prominent.

In Norwegian, the sites aI wish to make prominent are given by the addresses y1 to y7.

The spring of 2022 Trixnix was reconstructed.

To enter Trixnix, you should pass through the walls. If you do not pass a gate in the walls with a smile on your face, Trixnix will not be welcoming.

Idea Vaccinius

The way it was

Poet on view





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The rivers on Trixnix are traces of music. The wells are to be found on my MuseScore and SoundCloud profiles.

James II

"The first encounter"
A translation of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's
"Det første møte"
Original: Here

The first encounter’s sweetness
is like the song of forests,
is like the song of sea thrusts
in daylight’s final redness, –
it is like hill-rocks’ thunder,
the all embracing capture
by which we with the nature
converge into a wonder.

The 12 Basic Stones of The Walls of the city