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James I

"I give my poem to the spring"
A translation of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's
"Jeg giver mitt dikt til våren"
Original: Here

I give my poem to the spring,
though for the power yet to bring;
I give my poem to the spring
as zeal for eagerness to act.
The two of them shall make a pact:
the warmth they shall persuade to win
so that the winter must give in
and let a wealth of brooks appear
to make Him wild, God in the air,
encouraged to no longer dwell
though to approve the flower smell!
I give my poem to the spring!


  1. I really like your translation.. Since my father grew up in Norway I remember his appreciation of Björnsson, the joy of spring is so strong in this.

  2. Lovely words and so nice of you to give the translation to us, who don't know the language or the poet. It is a joyful poem with brooks appearing from under the ice and snow, life freely flowing. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura.

  3. very nice.... spring awakens many things in us

  4. A joyful song to spring - wonderful!

  5. Lovely the spring is in renewing
    resurrection of life.. the New
    Year is also mine in refreshing
    flowers of creating loving living


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