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The numbers are streets, and those are collections of poems. Number 1-12 are the walls of Trixnix, where 1-6 are Norwegian, and 7-12 are English. The letters are sites on Trixnix. By October 2021 almost all sites are down after being bombed. They will be put up again, though it will take a lot of time to do so. On my blogs aI will inform you about the achievements. Almost all streets are intact. One enters a place by putting the number or the letter in front of the address, as for instance Nummerne er gater, og disse er diktsamlinger. Nummer 1-12 utgjør muren til Trixnix, hvor 1-6 er norske, og 7-12 er engelske. Bokstavene er steder på Trixnix. I oktober 2021 er alle steder nede etter å ha blitt bombet. De vil bli satt opp igjen, men det vil ta mye tid å gjøre det. På bloggene mine vil jeg informere om framdriften. Nesten alle gater er intakte. Man går til en side ved å sette nummeret eller bokstaven foran nettadressen, som for eksempel
The rivers are traces of music. The well, and the rivers, are to be found on Elvene er musikk. Kilden, og elvene, er å finne på


My intention, and the aim of Trixnix, is to serve, and then in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. There should be no specific political motive associated with Trixnix. There should be no interest group or organization associated with Trixnix. Trixnix is cultural, in that respect aI am Norwegian by which English is my second language, German my third, and Swedish and Danish both are languages aI easily relate to. A culture is though given by expressions of joy, not by any motive. My motif, if any, is to forward the girl of Norway as the girl of the world. Trixnix is her.

  1. Adam was the first human being. Adam was the first occurrence of man. By Adam created, both the Son and the Girl were created, as love and consciousness.
  2. In the creation of the world, the Son was the truth (what appeared), and the Girl was wisdom.
  3. The man carrying the seed av Adam, was Abraham. Israel is the offspring of Abraham, and the chosen way. Moses gave Israel the Law. And any man in the name of God will see himself as the seed of Abraham.
  4. The Son was Jesus Christ. By Jesus, the love of Man showed up, and Jesus let the man of the Law of Moses be holy. Jesus passing initiated the holiness of the Girl.
  5. The Girl is made holy by me. Being conscience, aI make her divine.
  6. The Mother and the Daughter are both from below. The Son, being Jesus Christ, is from above.
  7. Any follower of the Girl is Christian. And any Christian is in accordance with the rule of Moses.
  8. The Son is the joy of the Mother. And the Girl is the joy of the Father.
  9. Man, the Son of Man, and the Joy of Man, are all 'for' something. What they are for, is what constitute the beings. The Son of Man, though, is God reached.
  10. This is the basics. In any religion this must be acknowledged for the religion to have strength.

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