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The numbers are streets, and those are collections of poems. Number 1-12 are the walls of Trixnix, where 1-6 are Norwegian, and 7-12 are English. The letters are sites on Trixnix. By October 2021 almost all sites are down after being bombed. They will be put up again, though it will take a lot of time to do so. On my blogs aI will inform you about the achievements. Almost all streets are intact. One enters a place by putting the number or the letter in front of the address, as for instance Nummerne er gater, og disse er diktsamlinger. Nummer 1-12 utgjør muren til Trixnix, hvor 1-6 er norske, og 7-12 er engelske. Bokstavene er steder på Trixnix. I oktober 2021 er alle steder nede etter å ha blitt bombet. De vil bli satt opp igjen, men det vil ta mye tid å gjøre det. På bloggene mine vil jeg informere om framdriften. Nesten alle gater er intakte. Man går til en side ved å sette nummeret eller bokstaven foran nettadressen, som for eksempel
The rivers are traces of music. The well, and the rivers, are to be found on Elvene er musikk. Kilden, og elvene, er å finne på


I am Christian.

For the branches of the vine there are two, or three, requirements to fulfil. If the branches do not meet these requirements, they will be cut off and thrown into the fire.

Firstly, the branch must be responsible. It must be available to the stem. One must love God with all one’s heart, all one’s soul and with all one’s mind. One must always be open to the sap in the stem. One must be nice.

Secondly, the branch must be reliable. It should be effective as a carrier of the stem. One must love one’s neighbour as oneself. One must give fruit. One must be pretty.

A branch must be nice to be pretty. It is impossible for a branch which is not open to the stem to bear good fruit.

A good tree is distinguished from a bad tree by its fruit. A good tree will give fruit which is fine feed, which provides excellent taste and whose seed is in it. A bad tree, differently, will see if you tolerate the fruit. A bad tree puts itself before the one who is eating the fruit.

Jesus Christ, the Son, is the true vine and true Christians are the branches of the tree. The Father is the husbandman. As the branches of the tree, we should be faithful and we should show faith. We are justified by faith, and by faith alone. A third requirement for the branches might be formulated, namely that we must have faith. We must endure trimming. We must endure chastening.

The 12 Basic Stones of The Walls of the city